About TAGV

Gender violence is commonly seen and heard, causing pains and traumas to many people, but often ignored.

“Gender-based violence” refers to all violent behaviors resulting from gender inequality, including physical injuries, mental threats and coercion or deprivation of freedom. It may occur in public as well as private  settings; it  could happen to a specific social class, but  it could  also be a common phenomenon in society. These different forms of violence could have caused, or may cause their victims physical, mental, emotional, economic or even sexual harms and sufferings. Violent behaviors are rarely single incidence.  These behaviors more often occur one after another leaving victims with life-long negative impact.

Department of Protective Services, Ministry of Health and Welfare, initiated a special project in spring 2011 to commission the design and construction of a specialized website in gender-based violence prevention. Under this project, TAGV-Taiwan Against Gender-based Violence- was established to serve as a central online repository and portal of providing comprehensive information resources relating to statistical data, research and evaluation reports, journal articles, educational and public awareness programs, government and NGO announcements, and so on. Available to members of the general public, policy makers, program planners and managers, researchers and field practitioners, TAGV was designed to serve as a platform to respond to the domestic and international interests and concerns about gender-based violence and human rights issues, to elevate the anti-violence awareness, to share and exchange information and experiences toward achieving the goal of eradicating all forms of gender-based violence.

Please note that all information and external links provided on the website for users to download and review do not represent the opinions of The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee and the government.